People are bombarded everyday with digital content from hundreds of brands fighting for their attention. Connect Magazine is a beautiful, quarterly, printed magazine that stands out from the noise. It is mailed to prospective and current Upwork customers to educate and inspire them on how their company can stay up to date on the future of work. The magazine contains the best of our content for the quarter and covers things like customer spotlights, trends, reports, and educational articles.
The medium of print has several advantages, including the ability to hold the viewer's attention without the distraction of a computer, lending a higher level of trust and credibility to our content, and the benefit of pass along exposure‚ÄĒcustomers can pass the magazine to coworkers when they are done with it.
We also armed our growing sales team with copies to serve as a high quality, physical leave behind for sales meetings that is much harder to ignore than the digital assets customers are used to.

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